《Outline of the People’s Republic of China 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and Long-Range Objectives for 2035》(FLL TEXT)【PDF】

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The following document is China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, covering the years 2021-2025, as passed by the Chinese parliament, the National People’s Congress, in March 2021. Although the Five-Year Plan contains relatively few quantitative targets, it details a vast array of near-term PRC economic, trade, S&T, defense, political, social, cultural, environmental, and other policy priorities. The 14th Five-Year Plan differs from past plans in that it also includes a short section on “long-range objectives” for 2035. Note that although this document is an “outline,” the PRC government has labeled the longest and most authoritative full versions of previous five-year plans it released as “outlines” as well.

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Outline of the People’s Republic of China 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and Long-Range Objectives for 2035

  • Part One Embarking on the new journey to build China into a modernized socialist country in an all-round way 1
    • Article I Development environment 1
    • Article II Guiding directives 4
    • Article III Main goals 7
  • Part Two Adhering to innovation-driven development and comprehensively fashioning new development advantages 11
    • Article IV Strengthen the nation’s strategic S&T power 11
    • Article V Improve the technological innovation capability of enterprises 14
    • Article VI Stimulate the innovative vitality of talent 16
    • Article VII Refine S&T innovation institutions and mechanisms 17
  • Part Three Accelerate the development of a modern industrial system and consolidate and strengthen the foundation of the real economy (实体经济) 19
    • Article VIII Deepen the implementation of the manufacturing powerhouse strategy 19
    • Article IX Develop and expand strategic emerging industries 23
    • Article X Promote the flourishing development of the service industry 24
    • Article XI Build a modern infrastructure system 26
  • Part Four Forming a strong domestic market and building the new development pattern 32
    • Article XII Facilitate domestic great circulation 32
    • Article XIII Promoting domestic-international dual circulation 35
    • Article XIV Accelerate the cultivation of a complete domestic demand system 36
  • Part Five Accelerate digitalization-based development and construct a digital China 38
    • Article XV Build new advantages in the digital economy 39
    • Article XVI Accelerate the pace of digital society construction 40
    • Article XVII Improve the level of digital government construction 42
    • Article XVIII Create a beneficial digital ecosystem 43
  • Part Six Comprehensively deepen reform and build a high-level mechanism for the socialist market economy 46
    • Article XIX Stimulate the vitality of various market entities 46
    • Article XX Construct a high-standard market system 49
    • Article XXI Establish modern fiscal, taxation, and financial systems 50
    • Article XXII Enhance the economic governance capacity of the government 52
  • Part Seven Insist on prioritizing the development of agriculture and rural areas and comprehensively promote rural revitalization 54
    • Article XXIII Boost the quality benefits and competitiveness of agriculture 54
    • Article XXIV Implement rural construction initiatives 57
    • Article XXV Strengthen the systems and mechanisms of integrated urban-rural development 60
    • Article XXIV Achieve the effective linkage of rural revitalization with the expansion and consolidation of accomplishments in poverty alleviation 61
  • Part Eight Improve the New Urbanization Strategy and Improve the Quality of Urbanization Development 62
    • Article XXVII Accelerate the urbanization (市民化) of the rural migrant population (农业转移人口) 62
    • Article XXVIII Improve the spatial layout of urbanization 64
    • Article XXIX Comprehensively improve urban quality 66
  • Part Nine Optimize regional economic layouts and promote coordinated regional development 70
    • Article XXX Optimize the land and space development and protection pattern 70
    • Article XXXI Implement major regional strategies in an in-depth manner 71
    • Article XXXII Implement regional coordinated development strategies in an in-depth manner 77
    • Article XXXIII Actively expand the space for maritime economic development 81
  • Part Ten Develop advanced socialist culture (社会主义先进文化) and enhance national cultural soft power 82
    • Article XXXIV Raise the level of social civilization (社会文明) 82
    • Article XXXV Raise the level of public cultural services 84
    • Article XXXVI Improve the modern cultural industry system 86
  • Part Eleven Promote green development and facilitate the harmonious coexistence of people and nature 88
    • Article XXXVII Improve the quality and stability of ecosystems 88
    • Article XXVIII Continue to improve environmental quality 92
    • Article XXXIX Accelerate the green transformation of the development model 95
  • Part Twelve Put high-level opening up to the outside into practice and exploit new situations for win-win cooperation 98
    • Article XL Construct a higher-level new open economy system 99
    • Article XLI Promote high-quality “Belt and Road” development 101
    • Article LXII Actively participate in the reform and construction of global economic governance systems 102
  • Part Thirteen Improve the quality of citizens (国民素质) and promote comprehensive human development 104
    • Article XLIII Construct a high-quality education system 104
    • Article XLIV Comprehensively promote the construction of a Healthy China 107
    • Article XLV Implement the national strategy for actively responding to an aging population 111
  • Part Fourteen Enhance the people’s livelihoods and well-being and raise the level of co-construction, co-governance, and sharing 114
    • Article XLVI Improve national public service institutions and systems 114
    • Article XLVII Implement employment priority strategies 115
    • Article XLVIII Optimize the income distribution structure 117
    • Article XLIX Improve the multi-level social security system 118
    • Article L Guarantee the basic rights and interests of women, minors, and disabled persons 120
    • Article LI Construct a new pattern of grassroots social governance 122
  • Part Fifteen Coordinate development and security to construct a more peaceful and secure China 124
    • Article LII Strengthen national security system and capability construction 124
    • Article LIII Strengthen national economic security assurance 124
    • Article LIV Comprehensively improve public safety assurance capabilities 127
    • Article LV Preserve social stability and security 129
  • Part Sixteen Accelerate national defense and armed forces modernization and achieve the mutual unity of a rich country and a strong military 130
    • Article LVI Increase the quality and effectiveness of national defense and armed forces modernization 131
    • Article LVII Promote the simultaneous increase of national defense strength and economic strength 131
  • Part Seventeen Strengthen the construction of socialist democracy and rule of law and improve the Party and state supervision system 132
    • Article LVIII Develop socialist democracy 132
    • Article LIX Comprehensively promote ruling the country according to law 133
    • Article LX Improve the Party and state supervision system 134
  • Part Eighteen Adhere to “One Country, Two Systems” and promote the reunification of the motherland 135
    • Article LXI Maintain the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macau 135
    • Article LXII Promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and the reunification of the motherland 136
  • Part Nineteen Strengthening Plan Implementation Assurance 137
    • Article LXIII Strengthen the CCP Central Committee’s centralized and unified leadership 137
    • Article LXIV Improve the unified planning system 138
    • Article LXV Improve the planning implementation mechanism 139

The Outline of the People’s Republic of China 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development and Long-Range Objectives for 2035 has been drafted in accordance with theProposal of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party on Drawing Up the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and Long-Range Objectives for 2035to clarify national strategic intentions, make clear the focus of government work, and guide and standardize the behavior of market entities. It is a grand blueprint for China’s embarkation on the new journey of building a modernized socialist country in an all-round way, and a common program of action for all ethnic groups in the country.


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